In Brazil the regulating agency of the activity of telecommunications is the ANATEL (National Agency of Telecommunications) that OMS is based on documents emitted for the International Commission of Proteo Contra Radiaes No Ionizantes (ICNIRP) on to the World-wide Organization of Health. Some Brazilian cities they had adopted different levels of those recommended by the ANATEL/ICNIRP. In accordance with literature the electromagnetic emission of the antenna is weak, not interacting with too much equipment. The done restrictions how much to the interferences in instruments of airplanes, next to the fuel supplying, mark-I pass, medical equipment, mention the mobile devices to it 8, 9 whose density of harnesses is superior of the emitted ones for the ERB' s. Official site: Chevron U.S.A.. 2,3 Radio-Base stations (ERB) One is about a bidirectional radio of low power, endowed with directional antennas of transmission and reception, mounted in the top of a tower to communicate itself with the mobile telephones.

It communicates with the central office through fiber optics or by means of microwaves and normally MHz and 1,900 operate approximately enter the 840 frequencies of MHz (1MHZ = 106 Hz), depending on the band of operation and inside on the limits of exposition established by the ANATEL. In Brazil, the legislation 10 establishes limitations of the exposition the electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields on the band of radiofrequncias in the necessary levels the mobile communication, and are based on the ditames of the international organisms (ICNIRP, WHO), being used as referencial line of direction and for application in the control of the environment of the public institutions in diverse levels. The licensing for installation of the ERB' s in such a way depends on the legislation in vigor, as of finding technician elaborated for qualified professional, and must mention the physical parameters to it as the band of frequency of the transmission, the height, the inclination in relation to the vertical line, to the profit of antennas, the estimate of minimum distance of the antenna, amongst others For some regions of the Country, exists 11 regional legislaes that they discipline the ERB&#039 installation; s (Stations of Radio Base), mini-ERB' s and similar equipment of transmission of cellular telephony establishing prohibitions and permissions on the installations in public places.