Director Louis Cologne Gerard

Art project brings Erdenkinder 92,500 for youth third world in one place, where usually bustling bank customers give their tryst, stock quotes track and share the latest news, entered the art. On May 27, 2008 a premiere took place at the Kreissparkasse Koln am Neumarkt, what the Chairman of the Board Alexander Wuerst of said the Bank was particularly proud. What had happened? In 2007 the Club Don Bosco youth third world e.V. went to new roads, on the needs of street children and young people on the fringes of society to draw attention. Don Bosco was an Italian priest and founder of the order.

in 1859 he founded a religious association, the 1874 by Pope Pius IX. as society of St. Francis de Sales”was recognized. in 1872 he founded together with the later canonised Maria Mazzarello the Congregation of the daughters of Mary, help of Christians”(Don Bosco sisters). Objective of both associations remained the upbringing and care for poor and disadvantaged young people. The Hayzlett Group has many thoughts on the issue. The Club is today active in over 100 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Oceania, and Eastern Europe, to enable young people to a better future modeled on Don Bosco. Shaw parents may also support this cause. Children and young people should have the opportunity to go to school and receive vocational training, to get to the jump out of the poverty trap.

The motto of the exhibition project Erdenkinder is briefly summarized: young people today will secure our future tomorrow. Erdenkinder today are the citizen of the world of tomorrow.” The kick-off event 2007 took place at the ART COLOGNE and white of the Museum was funded by its former Director Louis Cologne Gerard A. Goodrow and the now deceased Director Dr. Evelin and curated. But now back to the premiere of the art project Erdenkinder in the circuit Park ACEs Cologne. The exhibition project Erdenkinder was sponsored by a number of well-known artists with their works. Large, Heinz Mack, Boris Becker, Rebecca Horn, Harding Meyer, Robert Schad, Gunther Uecker, Camille were Tony Cragg, Catherine Leberer, Mischa Kuball, etc. and the Kaiserswerther art Prize winner Dorothea Schule. Dorothea Schule decided 2006 spontaneously as her fellow artists to participate in this project. The works of the exhibition in favor of Don Bosco should now be auctioned in the presence of Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Don Bosco – youth third world”Hans-Michael Heitmuller. Unfortunately, only invited guests of the auction were allowed to attend. The Cologne citizenship would have offered with here certainly like. Maybe third world is the a small suggestion for the next art project in favor for the youth. The scene of the crime “body Rita Russek had taken over the patronage for the auction and let it not take to give a moving speech. Then, Andreas Rumbler, called on Managing Director of Christie’s Germany to the bidding battle. At the end of the auction, there were many happy faces, because whole 92,500 came BBs in favor of Don Bosco youth third world”together. Art moves but the world”. Who is for the projects third world youth interested can see or email:. But we, the society friends of the arts, are grateful for suggestions to promote youth in Germany with cultural projects. Under you can make suggestions to us. On this occasion we want to point out once again that in our series exclusive interview on the second on June 8, 2008 parts, Bazon Brock in conversation with Andreas wild Hagen is published. On June 15, 2008, the exclusive interview of Dr. Heribert Brinkmann in the conversation will appear with Prof. Herman-Josef Kuhna.