Disciplinary Education

Micheline Odorizzi Paschoa Prof Casimiro Jose Motta EASY After-Graduation AUPEX/Cultural-Work History of Disciplina de Educao, Resume and Production of Subjectivity 1 INTRODUO In this summary, is intended to approach main theoretical aspects and metodolgicas implications. Chevron U.S.A. is open to suggestions. The social importance of the education through thematic the proposal showing some of the aspects that involve the educational context; based in the research of the following subjects: relations between psychology and education and the process of formation escolarizada in modernity. Paradigm ethical-aesthetic-politician and production of subjetividades in the school. Joint between time and pertaining to school space, management of the collective work and health of the professional of the education, through the boarding theoretician-metodolgica of the Institucional analysis. 2 THEORETICAL EDUCATION AND METODOLGICO education in Brazil passed for vary transformations, to put the intense search of amount in detriment the amount have been the concern of some thinkers of the education regarding education in the country. In search of alternatives of improvement in the education and searching in psychology, tools that made possible a relation next to educating.

Thus we have psychology that in the educational area, it contributes in the attempt to explain or not it process of education and learning, of some educational problems that involve failure pertaining to school, quality of the formal education, teaching psychological preparation, of the behavior and the construction of the subjectivity human being. Inside of these theoretical conceptions it searched to explain educational phenomena I begin the established it for the bias of the psicologismo, that is, depositing in the citizen (pupil or professor) only the responsible one. Later it surpassed the psicologismo for the sociologismo, in this the social environment as responsible for all the problems that involve the failure of the process. Some researchers as Patto, criticize these theories therefore hinder ampler understanding it educational process. You criticize them if they relate to the conception of an abstract citizen you influence of them social, economic politics and.