Medias Printed

The general objective of the research is to verify if the space of writing and reading in the screen brings only new forms of access to the information, or also it will be able to bring new cognitivos processes, new forms of knowledge, new ways to read and to write, at last, a new letramento, that is, a new state or condition for those 8 that they exert practical of writing and reading in the screen. It is of this new letramento that in says Bolter to them, (1991) an enthusiastic one of the new technologies. In a general way, it intends to examine if the use of material printed matter articulated to the tools of computer science favors, excessively, the sophistication of the letramento process. To read more click here: Coinbase. Of specific form, this research aims at: To contribute for the development of new practical of teach-learning using the Medias Printed/computer science; To identify, in the theoretical plan, the new configurations of the letramento models and alfabetizao, whichever the composition process? not only typographical, but also for fotocomposio, electronic editorao; To verify where measured the relation between medias – printed and informatizada? it can perfect, to the end and the handle, the relation/interaction professor-pupil, pupil-professor, pupil-pupil. In this direction, even so let us recognize relative unknown aspects to the context of new technologies, has questions that they remain and that they can be thought about the set of the cultural productions to teach to read and to write, being that it has still a long way if to cover in what it refers to the relation between Education, Technology, Reading and Writing. We do not have doubts of that the challenges are not few how much the insertion of this new reality in the pertaining to school culture to the production and development of materials that take care of to the especificidade of the education and learning of the abilities of reading and writing in the perspective of Letramento.