Nando Iguaran

By: Alejandro Rutto Martinez * the trip so all will sooner or later but Nando Iguaran was ahead of us. August 30, his heart latio for the last time and 31 all his friends and relatives paid him a tribute in the Municipal municipality of Maicao before taking it to its final resting place. For those who finished high school in the 1980s Hernando Iguaran Romero became a real character. First he made a permanent accompaniment in the struggle to build a new headquarters of the colegio San Jose de Maicao. We were many students and classrooms very few. Why was the subject of new and more spacious facilities that cannot be postponed. But the matter was adjourned again and again. The only issue was interested in to Governors and mayors at the time of possession.

Always organizing the posture of the first stone and carried us all under the unforgiving Sun of ten o’clock in the morning a lot located a kilometer away from the Center. There, which sinners condemned to purge their grief, were subjected to the endless speeches of all those who wished to make known by students and teachers. Of those screeds remember and can repeat exactly how important your content, i.e.: nothing. Mayors came and went and also Governors. And still the torment of the parade and speeches and everything was the same until the day in which Nando Iguaran the idea occur to bring together all of the ruling class, students, parents and lifeblood of the city. The meeting was held May 7, 1983 and several conclusions emerged from it, but the most important of them was the start of construction on a lot located at the exit to Carraipia.

Some time later the work was a reality and the most important College of the border had a new headquarters for their daytime hours and the headquarters of always for the night. Later, when we entered the University of la Guajira returned to knock on the doors of our patrons. The governorate had bought a bus to transport students from Maicao to Riohacha but this had mysteriously disappeared. Nando was given the task of finding it and finally found her abandoned in a workshop of Valledupar. As he could he rescued her, sent her to repair and gave us away to the members of the nascent Association of students of the University of the Guajira residents in Maicao, EUGREM. The gift included the payment of fuel and two drivers. This fact was as if a miracle was happening for us. Later we did a Radiothon in Park Simon Bolivar. The objective was to collect three million pesos for the purchase of a new bus. In 1986 was a truly substantial figure and at the night of the 7th of June 9 were missing even one hundred thousand pesos to meet the target. Nobody knows where appeared Nando Iguaran, but ten minutes before closing the program appeared with the money necessary to declare the event a total success. A few days later we were traveling in our super long yellow bus zero kilometres thanks to which an entire generation of guajiro could finish our university studies. On August 31 while They pronounced their discourses Amilcar Acosta, Juan Mendoza and Daissy Hernandez I decided to take the floor. My speech was the last and shortest. I only wanted to do the deserved recognition to someone who, on the day of the Radiothon, tended to occur when least expected him and most needed him.

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