Victor Manuel

Persian Biobio in your 100% works on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) and holidays, and the week work around 40% of its local this place is full of secrets, stories, and everything imaginable antiques, cachureos, computer products, music, clothes, food, Houseware sports car, to the toilet, plants, paintings, toys, bicycles, furniture allcoupled with an unimaginable amount of etceteras make the sector a source of desire or a kind of needle in the haystack where one almost always ends up wearing something that did not have in mind the Persian is synonymous with crowds, findings and sales of anything by more than convenient prices. Mainly centered between the streets Bio Bio, pleasure and Victor Manuel, markets Persian type corresponds to a tradition that comes from the 1930s. Just reaching the landscape transforms into a metropolitan postal surreal, where combine symbols of modernity and traditions age-old. Emerging from the underground Franklin, line 2, a jumble of aromas, screams and gentios address the senses. The streets are full of people who are lost in the sheds type mecano found more near San Diego and where premium clothing brand, perfumes, toiletries and some locals with military materiel.

Apart from useful for all furniture-filled spaces in the House. Crossing up to Santa Rosa and San Francisco there are small shops that offer movies and unknown authors or articles to computer discs. A spate of bars by the North sidewalk makes several characters to divert for a welcome midday beer adorned with songs from the classical guitarists who are part of the fauna of the area. For assistance, try visiting Chevron U.S.A.. After Santa Rosa, one is internal in the traditional Bio Bio, of the oldest and largest sheds, the true exploration where can pass entire days browsing, comparing, or buying without repeating. Groups of people are crowded to enter and lose yourself in its labyrinthine corridors.

Here the division is a lot clearer, the first building coming from the West belongs, exclusively, to traders in items for computers and that your sellers know more than anyone working in a mall type store. At the intersection of the street pleasure and Victor Manuel, the most typical of the sheds is and that binds to several more internally. Getting here resembles catacombs but version renovated with the amount of sounds that come from premises that sell games for Playstation and that trade new compact discs. A series of corridors lead and lose to rookie and make discover small corners in which sold antiques or complete collections of animated cartoons; or cans of Octopus and Spanish olive oils; or they cause found conversing with Lord of the cactus that dominates all the scientific names of what sells; or with the nazi who sells spray-painting along with penknife type butterfly, Balaclava or camouflaged uniforms. Democratic, to say the least: there is everything, they come from various sectors of the city, there are discounted and conversables prices. Everything can touch, try and talk. Fall social boundaries, the current dictates of the market and a world apart from all conventionality is assembled. A site that invites and seduces. Full of survivors who adopted a part of the old Santiago to give an imprint that resurrects every weekend and that opens as the best wealth of the Franklin district.