For Vincent

The relation between clothes communication can be verified, for example, in the use of the codes auxiliary that are associates to the redundancy, indispensable element for the transmission of information. the computer, while media very used in the present time, can very be used well to make a much more efficient fashion, but not as communication and yes as tool of agilizao in the industrial processes, mainly as for the functions of the fashion drawing. Credit: shaw mother-2011. The Fashion promotes one definitive homogenization, when leading the trends of the producing centers of fashions to the places more moved away from the globe. It is a phenomenon that reaches the most varied places of the independent world of that language if speaks, that currency is used or which the religion of this people. For Vincent-Ricard (1996, P. 45): ' ' The more look adopted pain difficult to classify, how much bigger it will be the removal of the consecrated codes, freer the person if feels, and more integrated its grupo' '. In this in case that, the Fashion is one linking element.

A Armani is a Armani in such a way here, how much in the U.S.A as well as the Benetton another place of the world is the Benetton in any. The fashion has this power to mix the gostos, the preferences, the peculiarities and to homogeneizar the individuals and its cultures in true segments of market. The industry of the Fashion if specializes in the acceleration of the time by means of the production and sales of images; in the truth they are the images that if become merchandises. The product goes if becoming only one personal projection of the image that if it searchs to reach. The Fashion participates actively of the process of subjetivao of the individual in a society in transformation. In accordance with Stuart Hall (1998), the identities can, even though, contradictory or badly-be decided.