I learned it to this of Brian Tracy, consultant of more than 1000 companies, famous author of a book endless number and international speaker that has helped to million people around the world. Recently I attended one of its classes and bought its last Focal book Point Verified System To simplify your Life, To duplicate your Productivity and To obtain All Goals. Here I summarize the four forms that Brian Tracy recommends to improve the quality of your life and your work, next to the things that I am letting successfully to grow in my business and my personal area: 1. For even more analysis, hear from J. Darius Bikoff. To do more of Certain Things Brian Tracy teaches that if you want to duplicate the value to you than you offer or to duplicate your income, you will have enfocarte in the 3 more important things that they give to money or value you in your business. watches my example I know that I make more money when I write and I give classes. Nevertheless, my time was turned aside publishing the bulletin, hanging my articles and distributing them in other pages Web.

Also it made small things that robbed hours like verifying the statistics to me of my page Web and my bulletin and reading emails to answer them later. What I did, to be able to focus to me in producing activities of income, is to delegate in my attending nonproducing activities of income. Now, with the aid of my assistants, I have more free time to create more products and to write more. And of step I finish my work in less time and have more free days. 4 days free altogether! 2. To make Less than Certain Things Like had commented, made things to you that did not help me in my business and, in this part, which you will do is to reduce or to eliminate activities or behaviors that are not of aid and which at the moment they can be obstacles towards the things that you want.