The first notes that like them: is not a secret to anyone that there are men who simply has this magnet for women, appear suddenly wherever the place women pay attention and follow him with the look, have the following experiment, go to a bar or any place that often couples as a park and pays close attention to couples in the place, especially in men do you think have that man you do not have?, what makes the so that beautiful woman it accompany you wherever you go?, seeks nothing more than his personality traits. Resulting from the analysis to give you things that analysis already completed earlier, because you’re not the first nor nor the last that seeks ways to seduce a woman. The difference is in the attitudes and skills, and you say what physicist?, what about the money?, because these last two even factors that if they influence, are not so strong as the attitudes and skills, your way of thinking and acting is what them more monitored, as you manage you before the people, but these convinced ask yourself this, that man that is a magnet with the women, when it comes to any place them riveting look, are perhaps them aware if you have money?, and by physicist you can influence, but another thing to ask all women walk with well-like men?, the answer is no. That they seek women are not so much fixed physically as men, they pay more attention in your projection into the room, you do not fall into the game of modern marketing, where it is said that women seek men of 1.90 m tall, muscular and have money, all thats what pollutes your thoughts and does not allow you to move forward with womenyou as person has a value that cannot be calculated, the problem is that not you these projected as such, surely you’re too passive, or perhaps too aggressive in your actions, you must be assertive, a balanced person. Read more from RioCan to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Seeks your personality flaws and correct them now it is time to focus on you, what you think you who is your? problem?, perhaps you are a too complaisant, always seeking the approval of others, perhaps you are a person that always follows orders and don’t have initiative, or on the contrary you behave like an idiot with women, although the idiot has more opportunity than the liability by the simple made that he is not afraid to propose and do thingsthe fact is that the man who behaves like an idiot also ends badly with women because he doesn’t know to behave. So friend in summary, before moving on to find forms and techniques to seduce a woman looking within yourself, self-assess yourself, if you have some trusted friend ask them how would you describe, and within that description looks for traits that are doing you failing to women, and begins the process of changing them, and I told process because it may take you some time change, but do not despair because the results will be worth the penalty.