Belarusian winter dictates for motorists their rigid rules. The most exciting is the difficulty with starting car. Most proliferation reason – problems with the battery. Car battery as an integral detail a car, requires some care to maintain efficiency in the cold, heat and weather conditions. What should be done car owner to winter's morning the engine roared into life without any problems and avoid the fate of going to the office on public transport? Here's a very light, but at the same time, effective tips on caring for automotive battery in the frosty winter days on the human, professional selling auto parts. Several more pokazateleyakumulyatora important: capacity – expressed in ampere hours (Ah). It characterizes the ability to give a certain battery current over time.

Starting power – the value of maximum output power that the battery is capable of producing over 30 sec, at -18. This parameter determines whether the battery to start a cold engine. Electrolyte density is determined depending on the conditions in which will use the car. It should be borne in mind that winter at a low initial density of the electrolyte and a large discharge of the battery electrolyte may freeze. For example, if the initial density of 1, 30 g / cc. in 100-percent low battery electrolyte may freeze at -14 degrees Celsius, if the initial density of the electrolyte of 1, 24 g / cc. , The electrolyte freezes already at -5 degrees.

Therefore, watch for a density electrolyte. In a charged battery in the winter frosts, it should be 1, 28 g / cc. What is not very fond of car batteries: – high temperature (for example, at 60-70 degrees Celsius, the life of declining somewhere three times) – idleness winter in a traffic jam (glass heaters, lights, music, listed oven take more current than the generator produces a car that leads to a rapid discharge of the battery, and Number of charging cycles of discharge is limited) – constant vibration when the battery is not fixed (due to shaking of the active substance from the plates), – the impact of sub-zero temperatures (cold at 20-25 discharged battery, with low specific gravity, very quickly freezes). How to monitor the battery during the winter. Very simple rules for using the battery: – do not make long delays atvo with the included dimensions, music, stove, c, etc. – in some cases it is better to remove the battery and thawed in a warm room. – Before the first frost must recharge the battery, in order to increase the density of electrolyte; – to start the car for about 15-20 seconds, turn the envelopes, so to some extent heats electrolyte – after being in a long traffic jam, than in recent sin streets of Minsk, in winter, to recharge the battery, you need to ride about a third of an hour before you switch off the engine. – At the terminals of the battery must be absent different scale and deposits, and a terminal are clamped. Keep in mind that battery life is about 4 years old, but it depends on operating conditions and in the absence of due attention to the term is reduced by about half. If you still not be able to start the engine in cold weather, you can always primenitportativny power source for your car.