Biological Sciences

The ambient education must have how goal the development of abilities necessary human beings for the resolution of problems and use of adjusted strategies, in which the society can acquire knowledge that come to contribute in the process of improvement of the relation man? nature, leading in account the personal experiences and the activities developed in that locality. Therefore, in regards to the ambient Education, it fits to all to contribute for the process of transformation of the current society in a sustainable society, centered in the responsible exercise of the citizenship, that considers the nature as a common good, has taken in account the capacity of regeneration of the material resources, promotes the distribution equitable of the generated wealth and favors worthy conditions of life for the current and future generations (Sader, 1992). The society alone will be acting of sustainable form when to exist the conscience of that our social relations and our styles of life present direct impact on the environment. Therefore we must have conscience and solidarity stop with our descendants. The enough knowledge how much to the support idea it is the starting point to obtain to find the answers that the problems impose in them. .