Counting Tanajura

Another sufficiently interesting point is that we have the third bigger stock exchange of the world and 80% of the market of equities (presentation of an investment for the patrimonial value) of Latin America. Cost not to remember that during the period of the last crisis Brazil had an enviable behavior, recovering quickly of the effect for it caused and becoming attractive for the external market. It is clearly that the biggest impediment it Brazil to reach a platform of country of first world, is the will lack politics in changing the rules of the game, mainly in regards to reform tax and legal that is very yearned for more it does not happen, and nobody knows why. It is excellent to detach that the factor education is primordial for achievement of the public politics, therefore a more conscientious population of its importance in the development of the nation becomes more participant. The bureaucratic impediments are resulted of the insufficience or inexistence of changes in the areas above cited in concurrence with excess ministries and secretariats created with the justification to diminish or to fight the impediments that they curtail the development of the country, however, the same ones have only served of palliative, becoming many inefficient times or until contributing for the increase of the morosidade in the processes of legalization of the enterprises and the opening of new investments. The concavous and the convex one, this is the best form to define Brazil at the current moment of our economy, of a side everything that is necessary to sairmos of bothers position of country of third world, of the other all side everything that hinders this change. The question is: Until when? Laudelino L.I castrate Counting Tanajura/Manager email: laudelinotanajura@