Dealing With Pain

I have fear, infections, pain, rejection, immunosuppressants, 30 pills a day, analysis, quotes! Terror and I have all your fault Liver Damn! Liver exhausted, dying, dying, “he said” Call a priest … I Communion! NO! – I said, “You will die without the Holy Oils and … you will go to Hell! The liver began to mourn and in the process of death began to tell me You have a wife, children, family who need you still sick child, they need you, I want, do not give them more pain … please understand …! “And she went on Do not make this madness … think of them! Will cure you! … Endured and overcome your fears and fears! No Themes! Have faith, trusting in God, have hope, do not collapse, … Watch Froning The Fittest Man In History (2015) Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

STAND UP! Think about your children’s crystalline vision, do not cover pain, Let go Friend Please let me go Let me go – he cried … The drop! … Damn, you’ve convinced me!, “I said regaining its color red was red, He wiped the sweat bilious, stretched and shook Wait – I said I will produce some substance to it simple! What will you do, you’re going to produce? – I said I’m going to synthesize albumin so you do not I’ll fill in absorbing Ascites Direct bilirubin that I will not put yellow clotting factors, so you will not bled I will eliminate some toxic substances that Vivas I listened Absorbed … Soon I was embarrassed with me and with all humility, “he said,” I do not Friend guilt, to me some ugly virus infected years ago Other brothers were attacked by the Alcohol and autoimmune diseases, have endured years of attacks of this cruel enemy, without anyone to help me puzzled .