Disability Insurance Test

Stiftung Warentest is repeatedly hit the headlines in recent weeks. There was a judicial confrontation with the chocolate manufacturer Ritter Sport. But the last disability insurance test of Stiftung Warentest was heavily criticized by security experts. The accusation: Many of the tariffs were assessed too good. Disability insurance: Stiftung Warentest tests inaccurate a disability insurance test should help consumers to orientate yourself regarding the various offers to the major disability insurance.

Because the individual tariffs have very large differences in price and performance. The last test of Stiftung Warentest could give consumers but little evidence to do so. “For around three quarters of policies were very good with the best rating ‘ awarded. Insurance experts, however, are of the opinion that many of the excellent rates do not deserve this highest rating. Alternatives to disability insurance test of Stiftung Warentest who is not on the disability insurance Test of Stiftung Warentest would like to trust, but still an overview of currently recommended BU fares get want, disability can, for example, on the compass”by focus-money oriented. In this, the tester by the German financial service Institute (Paul – see BU compass) have investigated disability rates for various professional groups.

Because not every contract is suitable also for every professionals. Policies for workers, self-employed persons have been focus-money examines disability BU protection for various professional groups In the compass”, investigated officials, new entrants and people practitioners. So the WWK as best insurance section for the workers, followed by the Hanoverian and Alliance fares. When the self-employed can convince the Hanoverian not considered as one of the best policies. Here, federal, WWK and Alliance people well-being offer the best deals. These three insurance companies are also quite far forward to officials. Public servants need to occupational disability protection especially on the Pay attention to insurance conditions. Because for them, also a hedge against invalidity is important in addition to occupational disability protection. Only if the contract contains a real clause of inability to service, officers and officer candidates are optimally protected. Disability insurance test: usually not sufficient for optimum protection of the occupational disability insurance test by Paul and focus-money shows that while a good impression about the performance of the respective insurer is the individual reviews. But those who want to find the best fare for your own needs, should request a quote to the occupational disability protection. In this way, protect not only from inaccurate test results, but can customize the hedge of also the personal situation.