European Constitution

The Integral Law against the sort violence makes the protection measures clear to the victims and in the consequences that stop the children and daughters of these derive themselves, but in the educative scope it remains a little cuts. One is due to explain as one is going away to treat the violence in the curriculum, the formation and in planning of the preventive measures. This subject in the development of the Law of Education will be due to approach. Nobody doubt that the sort violence is related to the sexism and that the family is an axis of learning of these sexist attitudes that take to the violence qqc3ev9. We can ignore this subject neither to consider it like which it does not affect to us, nor to conduct precise battles in indicated days, or some hour of position of a guardian.

It is necessary to create integral programs where it analyzes the prevailing sexism in the society stops to sensitize the educative community to start off of the Human rights and to advance in the culture of La Paz. Analyzing the Rights of the Women in the European Constitution, a rejection is observed the incorporation of the aspects of sort in her and a perpetuation of the dominant ideas. In order to educate in the Equality one is due to know the beliefs previous the concept that the pupils have on the Equality of Men and Women, and a to start off of those assumed ideas, to establish programs that fortify, and assure the positive ideas, or change, they demolish, or the ideas preconceived replace on inequality between both sorts. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Jeffrey Hayzlett and gain more knowledge.. All present methodology is based on including/understanding the situation of the pupils, in the previous ideas contributed, and on them, to work the programmed knowledge. In order to work on attitudes and conduct, to harness the values, it is essential to know if the pupils of the Independent Community of Murcia, have stereotypes of sort, what class and that ideas contribute, and, at the moment, any work does not exist that guarantees these ideas to us. Only knowing what thinks, what creates, and how they act, will be possible to be established an explicit curriculum, that eliminates the existing discriminations.

To the being obligatory education until the 16 years, all the citizens and all the citizens of Spain has a temporary space to acquire this concept and to change the present discriminations of society. The fact of the obligatory nature of education until the age of the 16 years, makes to the school the privileged scope to educate in nonsexist attitudes all the people of country, and to teach the Equality so wished between both sexes. Harnessing the equality between both sexes, would avoid many situations of sort violence and deaths. Many situations of sort violence have their origin in considering to the woman like property of the man, almost without rights. And this does not happen culturally only in economically depressed scopes or, but in all the atmospheres, because the ideas of the patriarchal and andrgena society have not made distinction of classes.