Finances Administration

The protested headings, that of January the April of 2009 had had a 1,9% representation, below of gotten 2.3% in the same accumulated close ranking of the previous year. The average value of the debts with credit cards and financiers fell 13.5% for R$ 374.91 in the four first months of 2009, before the same period of 2008. How much to the debts with the banks, the average value gotten of January the April of this year it was of R$ 1,333, 15, with a jib of 2,4% in the same comparison. The protested headings, in turn, had registered an average value of R$ 1,042, 81 in the four first months of 2009, thus representing an increase of 14% on the same accumulated of the previous year. The checks returned for lack of funds, of January the April of 2009 had registered an average value of R$ 844,69, resulting in 32,6% of growth, if compared with equal period of 2008.Como demand for credit in the Country is the demand for crditoA increased in April and is next to the levels daily pay-crisis, while the taxes of interests had fallen for the third consecutive month, shows to surveys carried through for the Serasa Experian and the National Association of Executives of Finances Administration and Accounting (Anefac).The pointer of the Serasa sample that the search for resources went up 10.8% in April before March in the Country, in the second followed monthly magnifying. According to Serasa, has an evolution route to the recovery of the level of demand of the consumers who it was in vigor before the worsening of world-wide the economic crisis. Already the average tax of interests for the natural person fell 0,06 porcentual point, for 7,33% to the month in April, reaching the lesser platform since May of 2008. For the companies, the fall in the interests was the same one, taking the average tax 4.21% to the month.