Human Resources

4. Specialised publications (usually at the federal level). These include, for example, magazines 'Commercial vehicles', 'Oil and gas equipment' or 'Human Resources'. What good is this kind of magazines? Their main advantage – a clearly defined target audience, ensuring that one hundred percent hit. Customers (including potential) of the company – one of the most important target audiences. It is logical, because first of all depend on them, the company and its future. Therefore, the channels of communication that help us go out to these audiences and to establish relationships with them, are among the most important and valuable (in this case the cost of these channels may be cheaper than others). In view of these reasons, specialized publications is particularly important, and their clever use of PR-specialists can help achieve the goals of both information and advertising campaign, with the lowest cost.

Another important audience, effective communication which can be achieved by working with this category of the media – the company's partners. Imagine that our company is looking for dealers. Naturally, in the first place she will find them among those who are already engaged in the sale or servicing of such equipment, or associated with it in any other way. Most of these companies are monitoring the situation in the industry and do it, including, by reading trade magazines. Note that both the target audience – the customer and partner – more receptive to proposals concerning the development of their business. So, I think the conclusion you can do yourself.