Love Wins

When I had one six years I started to perceive that my father fought very with my mother and until he beat. Many nights, the times, high hours of the dawn, woke up scared with the quarrels of them going until the verbal aggressions and physical, finishing I cry with it high of my mother requesting that it stopped to beat in it. I remember that I was very nervous with everything that e, as could not intervene, therefore I also apanhava, I was twisting so that everything finished in a good one; but nor always he finished well. My mother did not reply the aggressions because she more still apanhava and she ran the risk of being deceased, therefore my father raised of the bed and threatened it with a weapon. My sisters were older but also she did not have courage to face it, and, not even they understood what she was if passing. I was with much d of my mother because he felt much love for it and my father, although everything.

However, he found stranger that fought in such a way. In the truth tenra could not understand mine due age. The time was passing but they continued to fight, until move of place, of city some times. They passed some time without fighting and suddenly everything of new started. The father was enough to start to drink.

The drink very left my violent father with all of house, less of is that it dealt with the affection maximum as if wanted to compensate for the misfortune that had in house. I myself I tired of by any reason apanhar and this age of whip or brace of horses because it had in house always kept. E, of us if it was there to look for and it did not find the said one whose ' ' soiteira' ' as called it. My father was very violent, but although everything loved I it, therefore he was my father It was a poverty without precedents: times money was not had pro nor bread of the morning. We ate flour with sugar. Later that I grew I very talked with it pra to understand a little of what he transferred himself, but hardly it confided in me. He never wanted to give ' ' arm torcer' ' but at least it heard a little to me. I already obtained to prevent that I fought being close. always only talking. It never wanted and nor I needed to be violent with it. Always heard it me. It wise person who I made that for love they. Only that ' ' problems espirituais' ' that it had they had started to affect me excessively making with that I moved away myself from house because my health was very shaken. I started to suffer from terrible pains in the stomach, not having remedy that calmed. Important in this the everything is that I never obtained to feel anger of my same father suffering many punishments, the times, imerecidamente e, with the sufficiently precarious health. Today my parents are died and feel I honored that them always. I feel a great relief for having proceeded correctly with them until the end from its days, even so almost has died also. That God places them to Father in the place whom they deserve, they love. Simple actions please the God, as for example, to honor father and mother.