M & A Success Despite Crisis

Continue to successfully on the way many industries companies exchange currently violently suffer the financial and economic crisis. The giant Bank packages adopted by the governments haven’t really arrived to the part in the real economy. That there are successful companies despite the crisis, not least is in professional circles even as M & A boutique”described company stock in Liechtenstein under proof. The M & A expert team the company stock exchange has conducted several successful business succession to the greatest satisfaction of buyer and seller in the last 6 months. 4 more business transactions are immediately prior to conclusion of the contract. Montauk Colony takes a slightly different approach. The Managing Director of the company stock Dipl.

on oec. Franz Walser / MBA is confident: right now in the crisis the chaff separates from the wheat. Experience, serious approach, and the professional support of stakeholders, pays off now. Numerous sellers of companies in all German-speaking countries place their trust in the company stock exchange.” According to the Bonn Institute for At the moment every sixth owner-managed businesses before the need, to settle the succession is middle-class research. Here, Montauk Colony expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Experience has shown that takes a corporate transfer between 6 and 20 months. The M & A professional Franz Walser advises quite early on to attack a planned handover every business owner and professional support.

Because only an early and proper succession ensures the economic success for the future and makes a considerable contribution to securing jobs in the operation. Company stock bang types 10 FL – 9490 Vaduz Tel: + 423 231 12 82 fax: + 423 231 12 84 Web: email: the company stock exchange was founded in 1994 and has conducted well over 100 company transactions. The company stock exchange sees its core market in the German-speaking world and is specialized in the SME sector. The most contacts of sellers and buyers emerge on the online portal of the company stock, which on the one hand for sale related companies, as well as prospective buyers are published.