Mitch Winehouse

/ After the death of Amy Winehouse, several of his followers have passed by his house in the London Borough of Camden to leave flowers and gifts. The Rabbi who conducted the burial of the artist has revealed that this had spoken shortly before his death about his own funeral. Fans of Amy Winehouse from days ago are crowding at the gates of the home of the singer British on Thursday were a pleasant surprise. The father of the artist, Mitch, began distributing among them the clothes of her daughter. These are some of their t-shirts. It’s what she wanted, he said.

In addition, Mitch Winehouse gave jewelry and other belongings from the author of Rehab. After the death of the new soul diva, multitude of fans had gone through his house to leave flowers and gifts. On Thursday, they were the honorees. Mitch, who starred on Tuesday a poignant tribute to his daughter at his funeral Tuesday, asked young people there gathered together who continue listening to the records of his daughter: Please, keep listening to your music and God bless Amy Winehouse, pleaded. Meanwhile, the Rabbi who performed the funeral of Amy has revealed that the star had spoken of his own funeral with his family shortly before his death.

I was on a path of self-destruction. While he was fighting until the end, it went too far. She was a fragile child. I think it was too much for her body and she succumbed, he told the Daily Mail. For its part, several media echo of some statements of the progenitor of the artist which indicated that Amy had died by having stopped drinking radically. The British had been very popular, in addition to his artistic talent, by his addiction to alcohol and certain drugs. Source of the news: the father of Amy Winehouse distributes clothing and jewelry of the singer among fans