Productivity Markets

Don’t buy market share. Find out how to earn it. Philip Kotler generalities, the dynamics of business considerations is increasingly demanding for companies that require a good administrative structure, a proactive management, strategist, visionary, creative, able to interpret requirements than the current economic scenarios demand and give way to the manufacture of products and service offerings that ensure, not only participate and remain in the markets that have been developed, but be competitive, conquer new. Companies currently need to have well defined its function of markets, which may lead to give way to plans in markets involving all those needs that consumer demand for products that are required to meet their needs backed up a good quality of these affordable prices, attributes that ensure competitiveness. It is not something CMO of PEMCO would like to discuss. It is a fact, that the world is undergoing a process of accelerated change and the increasingly global market in one economy Liberal, necessitating a reversal of approach in the management of organizations, if really they want to appear and participate successfully.

True, we are told in this stage of changes, companies are looking to raise productivity rates, achieving greater efficiency and providing a quality service, which obliges managers to adopt management models participative, on the central basis of the human element, developing teamwork, to achieve competitiveness and ideal way to answer the growing demand for products of optimum quality and services at all levels, each time more efficient, faster and better quality. Must be very present today in addition, that the management of markets in an organization, not a product of chance or arises spontaneously; It is created and is achieved through a long process of learning and negotiation by all representative members that make up the dynamics of organisational behaviour, as shareholders, managers, employees, creditors, customers, competition and the market, and finally, the Government and society in general. An organization, either that is the activity it carries out, if you want to maintain an appropriate level of long-term competitiveness, must use sooner or later, procedures of analysis and formal decisions, framed in the context of the process of strategic planning of markets. Learn more at: Montauk Colony.