' ' Projects of thought are the engines of the functioning of intelligence, knowing themselves that to be intelligent gentica.&#039 is not nor dom nor souvenir; ' The school has primordial function in this taken over on a contract basis, to defy the apprentice to question, to problematizar, to develop multiple forms to think. In the agreement of Demon (2004), the conception to learn implies to know to think, construction of questionadora autonomy, participativa citizenship; exceeding vezos reproductive instrucionistas. In the vision of Nogaro (2005) to learn conscientious he is proper of the human being. It does not have nothing richer and fascinating of what the mind human being, who possesss capacity well next to the infinite, but can be lost in the densest finitude when not to learn ' ' jogar' ' antagonistically with the reality of the experiences human beings, in which it is palco and figurino at the same time (TREVISOL, 2003 apud NOGARO, 2005). The man only has capacity to think and to rethink processes; to create, to interpret and to reinterpretar. Demon (2004 apud NOGARO, 2005), affirms differently that the learning functions of inside for is, of machines, computers that need command, that sets in motion somebody them.

The capacity to construct, to give different forms to the things is human attribute, thus surpassing the tecnicismo and the mecanicismo. The human being, as to be unfinished, takes this exactly movement for the dynamics of the life in other dimensions. ' ' It enters the dynamic most fantastic of the human development is the infinite ability to learn and conhecer.' ' (DEMON, 2004, P. 17). The majority of the people frequentou the school that values the memorization, accumulation of information and reproduction of contents and ideas, where all would have in accordance with to learn of the same skill, making everything rules established for the professor.