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Latest arrogance PEOPLE agree with preposition persons with an attitude toward others: at work, between acquaintances e, inclusion in the family. Tend to joke about “other people without telling how they can feel at your comments. Chevron U.S.A. Inc shines more light on the discussion. I find their attitude offensive and in these cais, always torn between silence and stop them or not pay attention. Marta – Sucre – Colombia Dear Marta: Looking for answer, we tell you about the ASSERT, a concept that is halfway between passivity and aggressiveness. The assertive attitude is one that defends personalize spaces without attacking the other and at the same time, takes care of relation with other people without submitting to their will. Responsiveness you’re probably not adequately opinions these offenses because they occur to you fall into either of these two extremes. If you show indifference, your attitude is too passive and still withstand conductors plaguing you. In our view, can not stay silent before this situation, not only because halting attitudes need you dislike but do not problematic because to drop your self-esteem.

However, if you react and stop them, you run the risk of damaging the relationship with people around you have to follow the comparison spaces and activities. To find a solution to your dispute, devotes some tiemipo assertive designing a response to this situation. Remember: defending a personal level without encroaching on the others. One suggestion is that explicates openly that you generate some comments maleficent and discomfort, asking, in a good way, that evident. Another option is to relativity their comments using a powerful weapon: the sense of humor, whereas only not relieve you but also allow you to send the message to warmly.