Rurup Pension

Pensions and tax savings in one called the base pension, and Rurup pension, pension was introduced as an alternative to the Riester in 2005. Because most of the self-employed and freelancers did not benefit from a State-sponsored retirement plans. Still shows the Rurup pension but also as a convenient way of pension for workers and officials. Riester and Rurup pension: A comparison is the most Germans the Riester pension known. Already 15 million contracts were concluded.

The support takes State allowances and tax benefits up to 2,100 euros. Different with the Rurup pension. Here is the tax amount for unmarried at 20,000 euros and for couples at 40,000 euros. While 78 percent can be attached in 2014 from this maximum tax. Everyone who can benefit from the Special Edition print, may enter the Rurup pension. This provision due to the high tax benefits worth just for good earner.

Unlike at the Riester pension is no minimum equity amount it at the base pension. Each Saver decide how much he wants to spend his retirement or can. Special features of the Rurup pension insurance that is Rurup pension is a very flexible form of interest. In addition to the normal monthly and annual allowances are also special payments possible. Depending on the money bag can so the tax benefits be expanded and thus also the pension benefits. The Rurup pension is also available as so-called Sofortrente. This safeguard is worth just for pension near vintages. Capital from a mature life insurance is paid into a Rurup Sofortrente. Here, the policyholder receives his lifetime monthly pension immediately. Another advantage of the base pension is that the capital in the calculation of the unemployment money II is not used. The Rurup is also pfandungs – and bankruptcy-proof pension up to the ceilings. That should consider consumer before a conclusion who pension once completed the Rurup, can no longer cancel it. Options are the free position or switching to another provider. Therefore, should be respected before a conclusion to be that the provider gives such a change, because not all insurers a provider change is possible. The DWS is a good example, because here it is possible to switch. As well, the base pension foresees no survivor’s protection. Some insurers have already integrated this into the tariff details. Consumers who so to ensure survivors have, should bond well remember concluding a Rurup or take out additional insurance.