Soviet Union

Thus, any manifestation regarding traditions, culture, history folklore inside of the Soviet Union, would present with all the disparidades found in the different peoples who composed that one that was the biggest nation of the Land (DOWLING, 2008). 5. The Heavy Metal in Soviet Former-Republic 4.1. The Russian Federacy the first peoples to inhabit the territory of the current Russian Federacy had been vikings, that they had established themselves in the Eastern Europe, century IX, and had established the cities of Kiev and Nijni Novgorod. Palco of the first socialist revolution of history, the Russian Federacy traditionally is called Russia, hegemonic republic of the old Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics.

The dismemberment of the Soviet Union ended the Cold War and still left Russia as the biggest country of the world, only nation with ten hourly spindles (LYDOLPH, 1977; DOWLINGS, a 2008) and territory that is spread for two continents: Europe and Asia. The European part, delimited for the Urais mounts, congregates four fifth of the population and main ones cities, including the capital, Moscow (BLINIKOV, 2011). In February of 2011 the site Metal listed, in the country, 3,779 bands of Heavy Metal. For this study, the following ones are distinguished: – Anabioz: The Anabioz band executes a mixture of Folk Metal, Doom Metal and Death Metal, alternating vocal feminine operstico and gutural masculine. Beyond the usual instruments to the Heavy Metal, the band also makes use of violins.

In contrast of the majority of the Russian bands, the Anabioz has most of its compositions sung and baptized in English. However, the letters speak regarding the human contact with the nature, what it sends to a characteristic of vikings, one of the peoples colonizadores of the Russian territory. Old Slavic beliefs also if relate with the nature, a time that people creates in supernatural beings, that would inhabit the forests (BLINIKOV, 2011).