Brigham Young

It has been, for some, most important of the fifteen presidents whom his has had Church of Jesus Christ of the Saints of the Last Days after its two great founders: Joseph Smith (1805-1844) and Brigham Young (1801-1877). Mormones is different from the rest of religions in which this one was born in the USA affirming that Jesus there revivi and becoming from a beginning a political movement, the same that sent to its founder like presidential candidate. This church was based on New York in 1830 raising to have a new testament ( the Book of Mormn ) according to which Christ revived in the Americas turning all settlers, the same that six centuries back had come from Israel. The beginnings of the mormonismo Their followers went away moving towards the west until it would impel Navoo, that would exceed to Chicago like the biggest city of Illinois. This was under its dominion and thence Smith proposed to create a new Sion, to abolish the separation between church and State, to create one demo-theocracy and to postulate to the presidency.

After in the 1844 Smiths it was assassinated his faithfuls were split and its main branch followed Young until Utah where mormones decided to establish an independent State under its religious laws. Mormones from a beginning had their own armed groups that hit their pursuers and who soon helped the USA to annex Utah, California and the north of Mexico. Young was the first governor of Utah and from its position in 1852 he legalized the polygamy, under which they got to live a third from the women mormonas. In the elections of 1856 the republicans called to end the two plagues of the polygamy and the slavery, consequently attacked Utah mormona to encourage to first and not condemning to second. In 1857 new president Buchanan sends troops on Utah which produces that the 11 of September of this year detachments mormones assassinates to 140 tired civilians and that Young is removed of their position.