Li-ion Batteries

To prevent the memory effect in the absence of special charges can recommend a charge after the fullest possible discharge the battery in the phone. Rio- Tinto Diamonds brings even more insight to the discussion. A little more about (Li-ion) battery. With them, the situation is exactly the opposite. They are practically not affected by memory effect. Moreover, Li-ion batteries prefer a charged state uncharged. Montauk Colony LLC oftentimes addresses this issue.

They can be put on charge at any time and keep the charger indefinitely. Chargers for Li-ion battery after charging is automatically disabled, as Li-ion batteries can not be recharging. It is important that this device was designed to charge Li-ion batteries of this particular manufacturer. Otherwise the battery may be either or missing. Another important feature of Li-ion batteries – is the need to store them only in the charged state. However, despite the higher stability of batteries of this type, yet when they are operating a decrease in capacity, which leads to reduce the battery life without recharging. It is therefore recommended: "In the beginning of the operation of a new battery make a complete cycle of charge / full charge the battery 4-5 times – in this case the battery is the most attains its maximum size, in the course of operation the battery should not try to recharge the battery is not fully under its partial discharge (especially with the use of roads and simple – not Desktop – chargers), and once a month or two to train the battery 2-3 cycles of full charge / discharge; 'for greater ease of use is recommended to buy a desktop charger and additional battery: you can charge both the phone with its standard battery and extra battery at the same time, in the case of a full charge the main battery using a spare – this will allow always, even without any extra effort and time, most properly operate your battery. So before starting to charge a new battery should reread all of the above written.