A Happy Summer

It had been three months preparing for the trip to the Canary Islands, the idea was on a month tour five islands, but until the last corner as possible when traveling I enjoyed attaching me to the rhythm of life of the sites you visited, for it was better find a site where overnight and be able to groom me quiet, meals, it was best on the fly, when I had hungereat what they had. Maps, locations, comfortable clothes and bath little luggage. . Missing less than a week and I had the feeling of having everything under control, schedules, reservations of the ferries, inter-island me move by boat, it is an experience to be enjoyed, could also carry the bike without problems. I when I travel or took me my bike or rent one, to move me it is my preferred transportation, the car is fine, but I enjoy more with the bike. On the Islands it is essential to have a means of own transport, especially by the autonomy that gives you, there are sites that you can not visit in public transport or even Agency. Without realizing the portfolio was orderly and took the driving licence, that picture, I had at least, I looked at the photo and AHHHH!! card expired me within three days, clear that the photo was old. -zionism/#SFvLVxe484MglcuA.97’>IFCJ. I remember the last time I had to renew it, impossible, not the image I came. I called my father, I know that the age has to do renovations each year or every two years, was to send me an email with directions and something else. Watch Shark Exorcist (2016) Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Waited impatiently for the mail, three days is nothing and if trouble arose, they would stick to me for to rent me the bike?, he preferred to go with the arranged things. That night came the e-mail, two lines and a link put my hands to work, was the website of the Centre Medic Jaume I, knew them view it regularly passed in front of his Cabinet, was watching the web sent them a mail and signed me the phone number. In the morning I had replied he had time to visit and they weren’t or twelve o’clock and already had all fixed, the review was very complete and at one time managed me everything from the photo to the documentation with traffic. I went out with my renewed driver’s license. Problem solved. Now if I was prepared to leave, anyway I looked all credit cards lest you pass me the same as with the driving license. A self-employed without license for drunk driving charged his UN salary self-employed without license for drunk driving charged his UN salary self-employed without license for drunk driving charge the wage of their