Rafael Alcaraz Garrido

This situation has led to institutions such as the CERT of the U.S. Government own recommend use other browsers with better standards of safety. 2. Quick, light and stable: Firefox is the lightest among the major browsers, i.e. the consumes fewer resources while you work and the second fastest behind Chrome.

Another factor that speeds up somehow to this browser is the scrupulous adaptation to major Web standards. Learn more on the subject from The Hayzlett Group. 3. Appearance: the appearance of Firefox can be changed in seconds and as many times as you want, just look and choose one among the hundreds of topics sorted by categories and press the button install. You can choose to go with your personality or simply change it just for change, for you’re already bored of the previous. 4 Privacy: Another novelty is the new private browsing mode that protects your privacy when you surf the Internet. When using this mode in Firefox won’t store any trace of your browsing.

Firefox 3.5 includes more enhancements for privacy, as the function forget this page that removes the records of each page individually, and the option clear recent activity, which deletes the records of all navigation during the last hours. 5 Add-ons for all needs: these are big words, there are many and very varied utilities of professional quality, and of course free (like all thing of Firefox) for Firefox. Many users would not know what to do if they did not have them. Extensions provide us aid of all kinds, some examples starting with the homemade, as for example you download that video that you are watching by pressing a button will go to the hard disk, no video that can resist; or for example you can edit your blog on the fly with a full editor’s blog that integrates in the browser so that you can publish to your blog easily. But there are also very professional extensions, let’s look at another example; Webmasters know to spare several extensions that help you improve the positioning, visits and gains pages and blog that manage. The list of Add-ons It would be never-ending, so you just show the list of categories in which are grouped: downloads alerts and language toolbars appearance support update management web development photos, music and videos bookmarks tabs Plugins r privacy and security RSS news and blog society and communication other compilations P eople new! Dictionaries and language search tools insurance topics that you see packages say something about the most popular extensions extensions that you would be useful, so in future articles would be good.