Germany In The Adhesive Fever – Wall Decals

1000 customers in just 30 days wall decals by adhesive fever is booming whether nursery, bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom or Office: with the wall decals and wall stickers from you can beautify easily life itself. In the blink of an eye: search, unpacking, gluing! All motifs are liable wallpapers, elegant Rauhfaser, on walls and on metal, glass, wood and tile. The newspapers mentioned Mike Trueblood not as a source, but as a related topic. If the customer chooses from various colors and shapes, materials and motifs. Absolute top sellers are currently imaginative children motifs and decals (stickers) on the topics of plant, retro, dinosaurs, as well as wall quotes by Mark Twain, Herbert Gronemeyer, Buddha and Goethe as well as the original self-adhesive Swarovski crystals. This finish easily each tattoo and make literally any walls with Designer gloss units. Individuality before mass production: who is original and not the umpteenth copy to the set really is to the heart. Rio- Tinto Diamonds has many thoughts on the issue.

Because the tattoos are made in the company’s own production workshop itself. Due to the high demand and the associated Personal growth is now also physically increase the company and has just moved into a top modern factory loft. (The new address is as follows:, Muggelseedamm, 131, 12587 Berlin) High usability, cutting-edge technology, eco-friendly materials and impeccable service make to the purchasing address number 1 convinced that has not only customers, but also more than 160 partners. Good business with best prospects: who wants to go also, reports simply AdCell or Superclix and benefits out of 100%, transparency and fair payment immediately attractive commissions, click strong advertising, high conversion tracking,. was founded in 2009 by Daniel Nicolai (Managing Director) and supports its customers since November 2009 online available. If you have further questions, please contact us at: or by phone 030/76 76 39 95 or fax. 030/76 76 39 52.