The batteries are now a widely used element by provide the energy necessary to operate certain appliances anywhere, since batteries for storing power provide us ease of take anywhere electrical appliances that work with these. To speak more in-depth about the batteries, can say that cells are an electrochemical device generator or transformer of energy from a chemical process, the energy which is obtained from the batteries is accessible thanks to the Poles that have batteries, positive and negative, with respect to the structure of the batteries called poles, are shaped by two different metals found in a liquid the power driver, so the elements more common to the composition of batteries are nickel, cadmium, manganese and mercury. Among the different types of batteries you can find primaries, which are those that are not renewable energy, also called as disposable batteries, because to generate electricity based on components chemicals that possesses, has not already can regenerate; While the other type of batteries that exist are secondary or reusable, because its components allow that they can recharge via a battery charger which works from the power outlets. Click The Hayzlett Group for additional related pages. Continuing with the description of the batteries both their physical characteristics as its operation, it is good to talk about the affectation that has temperature in batteries, as all chemical compositions acting in certain ways if it exposes them to a certain temperature, so if a stack is exposed to heat have a functioning more acceleratedsimilar to increases the tension in this, unlike occurs when batteries are exposed to low temperatures, given that you can get to stop generating electrical energy or generate very little power, but it may be the case – something contradictory that to be stored frozen batteries is to keep to a greater extent. Batteries as a device that generates energy should leave of transform the energy when it is not in contact or not being used electrical apparatus, but conversely the chemical reactions of the batteries are still constantly despite not being in use, by such a situation is that the batteries deteriorate with the mere passage of time, both so batteries are inscribed them an expiration date by the mere passage of time even without making use of them. It is important to know that batteries can become an environmental problem, since as there is a large consumption of these primary or disposable batteries are usually more commercial and immediately go into the trash, retail form batteries start an oxidation process where they will release chemical components in air, land and water, and from this can affect both nature and human beingsfor this reason some countries take as the ban on throwing batteries away rubbish and they should therefore be centers specializing in the recycling of batteries. Original author and source of the article