The Spirit

Second it is the life with the men, where the relation takes language form, or world the affectivity, also EROS call. Finally the life with the spirit, where the relation, even so without language, generates language, or the world of the validity, or LOGOS. When the perfect meeting if carries through, these three spheres if they congregate in an only vestibule, that is of the LIFE, of the WORD. It writes Buber: – ' ' When a man closely is joined its woman, is both involved ones for the blow of eternidade' '. He still says: – ' ' When a man loves a woman in such way that it becomes it gift in its life, the light of the look of it allows to glimpse a flash it of the light divina.' ' The sexuallidade human being, in the truth, is not only biological, but it must consider theological and Metaphysical dimensions. Thus being he can yourself be initiated boarding of this subject from a double constatao: the 1) sexuality human being is the expression flesh time of a reality spiritual; 2) the sexuality human being is the expression flesh time of the personal love. This is the great difference between the animal, originary sexuality of the instinct, for who the sex is only one union fugaz, motivated I appeal for it biological, and the sexuality of the man, for who it is the corporificao of the love, or a sensible signal of a reality affective-spiritual. If the love if defines as the reciprocal attraction of a man for a woman, or vice versa, or even though between partners of the same sex, it is rigorously personal and it will be necessarily as much flesh time how much spiritual. In such a way, its love will discharge inevitably in the land of the sexuality, where the partners will meet not necessarily to procreate, but if they land on water.