In Search Of The Perfect Chair

materials due to intensive exploitation. We immediately: chairs on the wooden and metal frame "live" longer swivel chairs and wear them in the first place upholstery. Swivel chairs generally divided more color options and combinations. The choice was much larger than 5-10 years ago. Let us turn to the practical side of the issue. At any technical details necessary to pay attention to? Each model of the chair should be designed to a weight-bearing. However, not all manufacturers have her show. Economy class is widely represented models of the "Prestige" (1000-1500 rubles.).

These chairs are assembled from cheap components and their supporting part is designed for weight Rights to 70-80 kg. The more expensive their "brethren" (3000 rubles). Tend to have similar load-bearing part, and the cost required to design and sdeniya back, the type of arms. Despite the low reliability, the products have strong demand due to the price and availability of components. More thorough the carrier portion of models from 4000 have rub.Oni usually calculated on the weight of the user to 100-120 kg.

It is not difficult to guess that the more expensive models are not only interesting in design and finishing, but rarely fail. For example, all-metal cross-piece of an expensive chair durable plastic and metal. It is more difficult with the quality of the upholstery. Major manufacturers use only special fabrics. Natural leather is best for your body than leather, though now used high-analogues of the skin, similar in physical characteristics to the original. It should be noted that the chair of one price groups may have different ergonomics. "Classic" model – known 10-15 years. In addition to the conservative design of the uniform have a soft surface. More recent models have a curved surfaces, often rigid, supporting the lower back, using a grid. Probably should mention the main producers of such products. "New Style" (Ukraine) – a large furniture holding, performs all (Russia) – the company produces a mixed assortment. Avtor – Russian manufacturer of office chairs, wooden classic design. It is possible to select the color and type of upholstery, wood tones. From foreign manufacturers to our market can be distinguished: Interstuhl and Dauphin (Germany), Sitland and Luxy (Italy). And, of course, the products of Chinese manufacturers. Europeans – legislators in the design and ergonomics, but the prices on their chairs high. Before buying a chair in it is desirable sit – because people will hold him in some part of life and must take into account the characteristics back, height and weight. If you like the design and comfort, allows the wallet – so near ideal. In the event of a breakdown chair, careful selection and