Dual Berreta

In principle, better than usp. More accurate and more powerful than the usp. More information is housed here: Rio- Tinto Diamonds. This is my favorite gun, and I buy it every time if I'm a terrorist. It's better than Glock. Montauk Colony might disagree with that approach. But her improvements over the usp are minor and not worth buying if you're playing against the terrorists. * Dual Berreta 96g Price: $ 1000 Type: Pistol Max ammo: 30 120 Recharge Time: (approximately) 5 Max shots per second: 5 Features: very good to use at close range. Very peculiar weapon, and many players are not used at all for the following reasons: Higher cost compared to other pistols very long recharge low rate of fire and low accuracy * fn Five-Seven Price: $ 750 Type: Pistol Max ammo: 20 100 Reload time: (approximately) 4 Maximum number of shots per second: 2 Pistol the largest number of rounds in the cage and a small cooldown. Shotguns: Shotguns are the most powerful weapon in the melee, but not in long corridors or open areas. Guns are very accurate weapons and their use very wisely. * M3 Super90 Price: $ 1700 Type: Shotgun cartridges Max: 8 32 Charge of the store: 5 Maximum number of shots per second: 1.23 * XM1014 Price: $ 3000 Type: Shotgun cartridges Max: 7 32 Charge of the store: 5 Max number of shots per second: 1.32 Sub-machine guns: Designed for use on medium and short-range distances, have fire power like a gun, a smaller grouping, but a more rapid pace.