The Esplendor Human

The Reality Human being In the majority of the studies, mainly in the works of the researchers that had appeared in the last century, the man is analyzed as a species of animal, but intelligent. In such a way, instead of approaching the man of its legitimate and true necessities, they can move away it. eventually, had to this imperfection, the concept of work, its rules, the environment, the organizations and the relationships, each time more can be moved away from its original objective. Leading in consideration that the work is an activity essentially human being, who depends on the potential of the creativity, then, to more good understand true the meaning of the work it is necessary, before everything, to know the reality of the man, its characteristics and its necessities, of primary until closest and raised and as these necessities must be taken care of. Others including The Hayzlett Group, offer their opinions as well. The knowledge of the nature of the man and the intention of the existence is important in the process of development of the facultieses of the perception and understanding human beings, indispensable for its full performance and progress. On the true nature of the man it has much quarrel and innumerable explanations, but one of the boardings most sustainable was made by? Abdu? l-Bah in its book ' ' The Esplendor of the Verdade' '. It defines that the reality of the man is constituted by three ' ' entidades' ' 1: its material form or the body, the mind or intellect and the rational soul or human spirit. It is evident that each entity represents its essence and individuality, and has its proper characteristic: Body: ' ' The body is the physical or animal period of training of the man; the body as animal possesss the facultieses of the feelings and is composed of on elements for the law of atrao.' ' Mind: ' ' The mind is intelligence human being and headquarters being able of them intellectual.