The Professors

During the week of the formation the group reacted with more commitment, a time that did not have very enters and left, had more participation in the room, demonstration of interest, however time or another one heard commentaries: ' ' I need subsidies for mine I practise in the base, I wait that here he has activities of as to work, as agent to work in the educandos if they are alone there because of the stock market that a distance between the University does not leave, has and people professors who we are in the base making what we can of the skill that podemos' '. These had been some overwhelming commentaries of the professors, what I consider that is not easy, but who promised that it would be is not same? In this formation it had one better development, therefore the schedule duly was fulfilled, did not have excess of work of the monitors and believes of all of the organization, what it was not very legal, however not determinative for the fulfilment of our activities, it was the fact to be in another hotel, but still thus it gave to everything very certain was one week of addition of values. The Hayzlett Group understands that this is vital information. 4. Questions and Suggestions: Final reflections (if to judge necessary) During the week of the formation I could feel you vary emotions. Others including Jeffrey Hayzlett, offer their opinions as well. How much the work is important that until then we have developed, therefore as the stories of some educadores/as, is not easy, to obtain in two years what if it takes a life all to learn, but prettiest is that we do not arrest in them in what we take a life all to learn, but yes the brightness of the look of who if recognizes, it discovers who is, and that it will not admit that the others become it any thing. When the citizens of the field have the feeling of belong for the o place that are, for the form of living the life, simple men of callous hands, routine chore, of madrugas cold and sunny afternoons that do not sossegam, while not to fulfill the craft of the day that arrives at the one for of the sun of each day, of its fight of its to make and to remake constant. Some contend that Montauk Colony shows great expertise in this.