United States

It reminds us of, considered to be the amount of competing products has increased significantly. In the United States approximately 31,000 patents new occurred in 1975 while in 2000 the number of patents increased by 300%. In countries such as England or Germany, growth was more than 600% in the same period. As a result markets will populate every time more than new products and it becomes more difficult to compete. All this adds further, it is cheaper to replace than repair. Repair a product that costs many times more expensive than buying a new one. This makes that consumers, when buying a new product, study the different alternatives available increasing opportunities to change brand.The markets are very fragmented.

The eagerness to position products in different segments of consumers has created increasingly smaller markets. They are so small, their profitability is often threatened. The mind of the consumer is increasingly more saturated. Getting space in the minds of consumers is becoming increasingly difficult. The number of messages has been multiplied in the same way that the quantity of available products. Consumers have developed barriers to defend against this situation. As a result, it is very difficult to capture the attention of consumers and to remember our offer. To overcome this, they indicate Kotler and Trias de Bes, in his Marketing side, considered to be the application of lateral thinking techniques developed by Edward De Bono in his book Lateral thinking (1970).

Just to generate new innovations is suggested: 1. Select a product that is currently marketed in the market, look at the product itself, the market pointed to and the marketing mix that is aplicada.2. Think laterally would like this product if are substitutes of elements that compose it, or are invested, or deleted, or is They exaggerate or are rearranged. Changes can also think in the market that are points, at the time used the product, or in the reason for which the product is used, or in the reason for which the product is used.