UN Climate Conference In Copenhagen – Doomed Despite Good Solutions?

You could solve a problem: presentation of the ‘ ZERO WASTE’ strategy to the Reststoffentsogung with enormous reduction of CO2 emissions, emission-free and low-cost. Today is the last day of the UN Climate Conference in Copenhagen. The international community wants to agree on a new world climate agreement. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Thursday in a Government statement, a failure of the Conference is no longer ruled out. This very good and low-cost solutions that would be possible even in the third world, would regard the reduction of CO2 emissions without emissions from the disposal of residual material available, at least. I wonder why not more money is invested in technologies, could solve the environmental problems. The technologies exist, one must study only a little in the Internet to encounter such technologies.

We of the environmental Foundation July FOUNDATION, INC. the environmental parks for the JULIS TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION promote primarily with its “ZERO WASTE” exactly this problem goes. The “ZERO WASTE’ strategy short explains: it involves the establishment of decentralized environmental Park, which are also integrated into existing disposal systems to the consistent implementation of a “zero waste” strategy to the burden on the environment. The objectives of this strategy are complete recycling and emission-free treatment of the residues. This brings an enormous reduction of CO2 entails. It is the closed circuit system for the recovery of energy and raw materials from waste, without pollution. An important component of this technology is the complete conversion of food waste and other organic residues into organic fertilizer, cheaper can be manufactured here, as other conventional or man-made fertilizers.

The procedures applied by July, are more cost-effective and connected with a huge financial relief for cities and municipalities. In this environmental technology also for investors is very interesting because this concept will inevitably proved themselves as spin-offs and crisis-proof. Schematic representation of the “ZERO WASTE” Strategy who wants to learn more about it, can look a little on the Web site for the JULIS TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION. But also we citizens are called upon to act, when not even obliged and can contribute financial or support for such technologies. Because our environmental Foundation, which originated in German-American cooperation, finally even spurred to do so, that the July technology CORPORATION was founded in and we continue to support them. Everyone can free support Member at our environmental Foundation and through a financial contribution or by notice of the Environment Foundation help the lobby that is greater. I would like to point out, that we operate under, a shop where all profits obtained, used for protection of the environment. Also, the offered goods are very cheap and you can contribute to environmental protection through this purchase. Maybe is something for you? This is a call to all no advertising but so that such projects are consistently supported. We have our descendants over the full responsibility and alone already that’s why we must act, and not passively watch. We want to leave them but a clean environment.