Caretaker Cars

A habit became and a general preference, the cook of the hotel already was accustomed with the routine of the preparation of as much cheese chicken every day. Nobody nauseated! After a long period repeating that habit, a beautiful day, we were surprised at the refusal of the staff of the pantry that found odd our order, under allegation that sandwich did not exist, and that it also, never had been part of the cardpio of the hotel. Nobody understood swims. Thus, we had to be without our adorable ' ' cheese chicken' '. All time that we had that directing in them to a pharmacy with intention to buy some medicine, to the times was necessary so that we fossemos understood if to make definitive gestures that if became comic actors.

It was the biggest gozao between the Brazilians. The tea national preference the tea is the national preference. For all part in imaginable and unimaginable cantos, to any time and space, it is hour of if taking tea. I tired to witness the traffic warden drinking its tea or crossing with its tray of tea it enters the cars in the way it transit. Another witnessed situation frequently, of certain funny form, happened in the occasions that the guard blocked the transit. The drivers were threatening to pull out the cars, thus without alternative, the guard finished liberating the account cars making that were really its intention to liberate the cars at that moment. The Bakixixi To the measure that the time passed we went learning a little of the local life. Nothing it seemed to function in the Cairo without the such ' ' bakixixi' ' , ' ' gorjeta' ' , it has bakixixi! (Moabi = Caretaker). Moabi of my building, this there, was one expert, a PHD in creating situations to guarantee its bakixixi.