European Parliament

On the contrary, if he continues with his demeaning populist game, coming together with the slag of world politics, as they are nothing reliable rulers of Iran and Turkey, whose religious interests to impose islam on Earth outweigh all others. You will be in the middle of a battle that will destroy it. Anyone having friendship with Iran will be footing of war looming. Europe, United States and Israel, will take into account of Hitler’s Persian allies. Serra is the only option to return to common sense, and put Morales and bolivarians in your site. The warning to Morales is worthy of a man of sound principles and elevated thoughts. To know more about this subject visit Rio- Tinto Diamonds. A complaint of this magnitude on the election eve, which can damage its image in front of the mob and progressive media, is only meritorious of a leader of character, which is not lowers to demagogic levels of his opponent for the labour party.

Cocaine is wreaking havoc in Brazil and Bolivia. Apart from the social decomposition involved in its elaboration and traffic, which makes instant millionaires to individuals capable of kill anyone by your business domain; It’s a voraciously addictive drug, which causes severe psychological damage. Evo Morales and his Government are directly involved in drug trafficking. There must be no doubt this irrefutable fact. Mention his rise to power through coca producers, whom Morales remains his boss, or refer to the villages under their protection are devoted exclusively to the manufacture of cocaine, is repetitive but necessary. It has reached the time in which the European Parliament, United Nations, the OAS and other international organizations, sent emissaries to Bolivia to corroborate accusations expressed by Serra, and put Morales and his partners on the bench. original author and source of the article.