Custom Made Gifts

Receiving a gift custom-made badge with the logo of a famous company, subconsciously perceived by consumers as his introduction to this company. Accordingly, increases not only the loyalty the consumer to the brand or the company – he becomes a living advertisement. Such as printing accessory icon must attract attention of his relatives and friends. In addition, unlike conventional flyers or postcards lifespan of souvenir badges for much longer, but cost about the same. What are the different icons, and for what purpose? Without a doubt the best gift in memory of the training, business courses or professional exhibition will be the prestigious metal icons. Manufacture of metal badges (or etched icons) is the technology of chemical etching. Etched icons combine the best quality and price.

Their appearance can be attributed to their image of souvenirs. For mass advertising campaigns – for example, promotions on the streets, in shopping malls and supermarkets will approach the sunset icons. Sunset or printing badges are round badge on the basis of two metal pieces to the bottom of the badge is attached "evrobulavka" high quality. In the manufacture of such icons type of printed image is covered with transparent Mylar film, which protects the image from dust and water. But for the anniversary of the firm, pr-event or holiday, there are corporate icons. Through corporate icon, you can emphasize the company's image, to express the mission and values, or to talk about achieving these goals.

Corporate icons are very popular not only among businesses large and medium-sized businesses but among advertising agencies. In the manufacture of the icons of this type, depending on the circulation needed from 6 to 10 days. Corporate icon – is the volume label, deposited on a metal substrate. Mount Type – carnations, which puts a butterfly. Prices on making the icons in the number of Kievezavisyat products, the terms of the complexity of design and product type. As a rule, the minimum order for icons in Kiev on 30-50 pieces – respectively, the larger the circulation, the less cost per copy. The most popular icon sizes – 25, 36, 43, 56 mm. The best option for the order of icons in Kiev – direct cooperation with manufacturers of free intermediaries. Souvenir badges have become an integral part of an elaborate advertising policy: only one icon can bring more customers than 10 advertising cards, 100 or a costly ad banner.