Harry Potter

Sonorous, well-remembered, 'talking' name and slogan – this is what will provide your goods from the crowd. " And it turns out that, stating the one service, we offer another, and, specifically, the development of the brand. Such word play, is anything but safe and general concern thing. Unfortunately, but the fact is peculiar to regional advertisers search for 'Harry Potter' and belief in a cure (for example, it is often expressed in philosophical question 'what advertising for us is the most effective? ") and, specifically, as a panacea for the advertiser offers" brand building ". The very business of create a "brand" – a fiction! Nobody will be able to provide (a) for a certain brand, pre-fixed, the amount in the stipulated time.

Especially without the participation of the advertiser! In fact, you can not buy ready-made brand that can be only acquire the rights to use or ownership of its own identity – a trademark. Advertising agency may be implicated in the creation of the brand, working for you naming, trademark, etc. attributes. Ownership and no more (nor less)! The brand itself – a historical phenomenon and, therefore, just like every historical event requires an understanding of very specific actions individuals in very specific historical conditions, and the brand can say that every brand is formed individually, ie You can not take someone a "brand" to make out a "cog" to see how it's done, and make it a clone. I do not think that the brand unknowable.