Do not waste your time with losers. Instead, go with the winners! Lana was making love with her boyfriend, Dan. In the midst of passion, Lana looked lovingly at Dan and began to give a big, passionate kiss. “What the hell are you doing?” Dan and Lana suddenly pushed it away. Ouch! What the hell was that? What were you doing Dan (apart from hurting your ears)? Dan was acting like a loser.

No matter how much money you Dan. No matter if you have a steady job. No matter how handsome Dan is out. Dan is surly. It is inconsiderate. However, Lana is with him …

doing everything possible to be open and be lovable hope that one day Dan and want to open. (Sniff. Does anyone have a tissue?) Oh, Lana! Dan is a loser. It’s time to move on with your life. How can you tell if you’re with a loser? 1. It’s rough If he makes sharp comments or suddenly changes plans without giving you no time to prepare or without warn … if you or short cutting or inappropriately rude, it is likely that he is a loser. In the midst of passion, Dan was not friendly or receptive to kiss Lana. His abruptly killed the moment. “Loser.” A winner is considered. Winners Take your feelings into consideration. 2. If you act is contemptuous superiority and denigrates you, it is derogatory. The losers are derogatory. How many times did a question and telling you that you were mistreated stupid or foolish or less than he? If he brags about how amazing it is degraded while you is a loser. Stay away. A winner support network. Winners care about you and your stuff. 3. It’s quiet if you do not want to answer your questions and get angry because you asked … (Not about to complain, that’s different) … if you do not want to answer when you ask for relevant information, usually means he’s hiding something. Sign of a loser. If you’re in a committed relationship and your man will not open up and basically tell you what it does, watch out. The winner is open. Winners want to share their time, thoughts and plans with you. 4. No reply is evasive with your questions directly … if you avoid or run away because he believes that there is a danger, not a good sign. Sometimes it takes a while to find his escape. He can be smart and funny. But eventually you realize that he never really answers your questions. Instead he changes the subject and talk about other issues. Uhmm. A winner is direct. Even if a situation is not pleasant, the winner will want to fix it and not run away. Do not waste your time with losers. Instead, go with the winners!