Wasting Energy

Can a vain luminous bulb be the cause of climate catastrophe? "Of course not!" – Will answer you. But what if each of the millions of Russian homes burning at least one such lamp, spending wasting electricity? Add to this all the appliances – from air conditioners to stoves, which kilowatts "devour" electricity – and often simply because they forgot to turn off in time. Much electricity goes to pumping hot and cold water, which we also do not usually save. Recall poorly insulated walls and windows, because of which we actually do not own heated homes, and streets Yes, we are accustomed to mindlessly squander energy, not thinking about implications of the purse and even more so – for the environment. Even now, when scientists proved that rapid climate change caused by human activity, do not want to realize the responsibility for the fate of the planet. This real "energovampirizm! The only way to reverse the situation – to change our attitude towards energy consumption. Understand that the resource savings to help save not only our own money, but also the environment. So how to get rid of the devil "energovampira" and start to care about the future of the planet? Starting, of course, is with yourself and your home! Shined with intelligence research shows: the average Russian family spends on lighting at least 20-25% of electricity. Of them – more than half is wasted. But there are several ways to drastically reduce this aspect of energy consumption.