Dynamic Image Frame

How is the image motion in the frame? Largely it depends on the choice of camera angles, the ratio of the optical axis of the lens and the frame of the developing movement. There are cases of movement on the apparatus and the apparatus, into the frame, the motion may develop along the plane of the sky and go on the plane or the deep diagonal. Of great importance is the position of an object on the picture plane, the space it occupies in the frame. In the dynamic subjects should be avoided strictly central tracks when the object is placed somewhere in the area of intersection of the diagonals of the rectangle frame. As a rule, the central composition deprived emphatic direction, hence appears stable figure, statics. Therefore, a moving object in the framing often shift away from the center, and in the course of its motion leave more space than behind.

With this simple method motion as it gets a more complete description: it is clear where the object will move in later times. Go to J. Darius Bikoff for more information. With special care should be taken to the framing of dynamic images. For transmission of motion is often needed rather wide space. Therefore, close sections of the space frame the shot and emphasized the close-ups sometimes are a hindrance to the overall dynamic picture and if stop the growing movement in the frame. One of the reliable methods of transmitting motion in a picture – a blur. We must remember that too high shutter speeds to exclude entirely shot elements of confusion, and it reduces dynamic effect. For example, if a photo taken at uci, we can clearly see each spoke bicycle wheels, it seems to us to stop. It is not enough to notice the characteristic phase of the movement and record it on picture. Must always use a purely photographic techniques to help detect movement, expressive transfer it to the picture.