Economic Sciences

With this work, was explanado how much the siderurgical sector represents for the economy of a country, a state and a city, and as international a financial crisis it affects the most varied sectors of the financial market. Therefore, with the caused negative impact in the diverse economic sectors, it fits to the scholars in economy to identify and to analyze the main causes and effect that had given beginning to this crisis and what it must be made so that the problems of economic and social nature are brightened up when to receive the impacts caused for the same one, a time that the origins of the economic crises are associates to a concentration of the income and the wealth in world-wide level, that aggravated with the sprouting of some few industrialized countries, still more became evident the disparity between rich and poor nations. Being the siderurgical industries the one of the most important foundations for the development of a nation due its importance in the international market and the use of the casting iron in the daily one of the world-wide population, if makes necessary that all the segments of the society if join to argue the existing problems and the suggestions and alternatives pointed to find solutions with respect to the problems related to the economy of the city, that are on directly the social matters and that, in the surprising international crises, the city in such a way does not suffer with the crises financiers, as this that it comes crossing. .