Holy Spirit

For this reason it is necessary to persevere to the end and we must do on these fronts in our lives: 1. Trust in God still resound in our ears and minds the words given to Joshua to continue forward in the huge undertaking and difficult to replace your guide and move ahead the road to independence, freedom and land acquisition promised. A Joshua was told, and now repeats to us, "Behold, I send you be strong and of good courage, do not be discouraged, the Lord your Diosestara with you wherever you go." The verse has four terms and two who offered assurances orders. The mandates are: (1). Endeavour, (2). Be brave, (3). Do not fear, and (4) Do not faint. God promises in return: (a).

Being with us, and (b) be with us wherever we go. If we persevere on that trust God will lead us to conquer our dreams, and the sacred land of salvation. 2. In the Word of God. God left us his word as an effective guide on the path that eventually will lead to their presence. But … the Bible itself as a physical object, can not convey anything. It is necessary to read it, hear it, search it, browse through its pages under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

The word says the book of James, can save our souls. And save our souls, warrants and receive with meekness joy. The same book of James tells us that we put the word work and let us not only to listen.