Fertile Valley

Ricardo Jose Baptist Walnut (Doctor in Geography, professor of the Department of Geografia/UFAM), nogueiraricardo@ Michelli Saints Da Silva (Academic of 6 period of the course of Geografia/UFAM) michellis22@ Amlia Regina Baptist Walnut (Doctor in Geography, coordinator of the Group of Research Ambiente and Cultura/UFAM) nogueiraricardo@ esumo the Forest during much time has been a loaded place of symbolic meanings, thus occupying the imaginary one of the peoples who live and present diverse forms of if relating with it, through myths or of the humanizao of the land. In this context, it must be seen as a process for which the humanity comes looking argument, that explains in the space and the time the meaning of the forest. Of this form, the research objectified to analyze, enters the inhabitants of the Careiro of the Fertile valley, the relationship of these inhabitants with the forest, being thus looks through the symbolic meanings data for them to the phenomena, to together interpret the marks in the cultural landscape with its and use forms representation. How much to the procedures and/or metodolgicas stages, we understand that it would not have alternative, ahead of the theoretical option to be followed, seno, to hear the people. In this direction, the adopted methodology emphasizes the data gotten through interviews, therefore the verbal depositions that had been valued in the work most are told through the open interviews. It has seen that, these histories reflect ' ' world vivido' ' , and in them they make possible one better understanding of the relations between the man and the Raisagem that the fence, in this research, between the man and the Forest. In the Careiro of the Fertile valley the forest this represented for the inhabitants the tranquillity of living I silence in it without pollution, although the difficulties know as to deal with the changes that occur every year in the flood and in it dries of the rivers.