Gift Wrapping

So, How to Wrap a gift to be remembered for a long time? It is clear (and, if not already, try to yes), what a gift you give, because first of all from you this is nice. Well, in general, this could be and finish. Because if you're doing to yourself, it does not work, can not. At a time when you have a thought about the desire to give something, this includes the thought inside of you creative research. A creative flow – a hurricane, which can cause severe storm of emotions.

And, as everyone knows, of course pikaperskih – woman = emotion. Gifts like if not all, of the majority. In children, the mechanism of curiosity located on the surface – they do not need to be serious and adult, so they do not hide the fact that they a) love gifts b) they are very happy. In the majority of adult women, such a mechanism is hidden, as Koshcheeva death of a family seals. Therefore, our task is to find where his button. One of the key moments of the opening of this mechanism is intriguing. Trite, when present can be seen and understood, even before you gave it.

Therefore, gifts made, right turn. And do not wrap in newspaper and its original gray paper, and a bright attractive packaging, tied with lush colorful ribbon. Even this time add value to your gift at times. But we want you even steeper, so that the dividends were not three times a week in bed, and three times a day and each, as the last. Therefore, the next important point is – wait. You know that here you have it, here he is, has already … This adds a good dose of excitement awaits the young lady. To do this, you can use a fairly well-known trick, on which its effectiveness is not nearly suffers: a box in a box. It is a gift that fits into a box and that box in another box and then into the next, and then on a "doll". Large box gives a stunning effect. The main thing – do not overdo it, and then, opening the lady blows, as is the case with long caresses. For this step, you can resort to move all their imagination. For example, every box of supply, a small, cheerful, romantic, funny cards, each of which will be one small request. Can arrange for her guessing. Guessed – opened box, not guessed – and it was closed. There are more than a dozen moves, which I will discuss at the next year – a stunning effect. The more you come to the creative process of wrapping a gift, the greater will be its value in the eyes of women. Yes, and not just a gift, and, above all, yours. Valeria Gileles – – perfect man – successful and sexy.