Trade Marketing

Trade Marketing To start this article we go to comment and to try to illustrate the main lines of direction of trade marketing, as well as its definition and utility. Trade marketing still is a new tool of marketing in Brazil, and its popularity has more than two decades little. It is possible, that this is one of the reasons of some distortions for better definiz it. Generally trade marketing is confused as only one canal of sales or formatting of merchandising – that it is another arm of the marketing. This can lead to a direction mistake, therefore simplifying, trade would have to be considered an insertion of a well defined strategy of marketing through the sales canals.

Its central focus of work is to understand the decisions of the final consumer and what it occurs in the sales point. From these consideraes the operational strategies are carried through better aiming at to take care of this consumer, since trade through its tools of work knows that the decision of the consumer is directly on to a correct one strategy of marketing also in the sales point. The demand of work of trade consists of many analyses, amongst them is the verification of the yield, has storaged and turn of the products; campaigns and promotions of sales; beyond the accompaniment of the teams of sales of the customers of the retail. The reach of trade marketing is complex if we think about the success of a mark or product. We can summarize of the following form: – The accompaniment of promotion campaigns Covers; – He verifies and he creates situations criteriosamente the medium and long run for the sales through the point of sales, verifying the analogy between the point sales and the final consumer. – Search to offer an adequate service that takes care of the necessity of the customer. Many times the good attendance is the differential for the success in the sales. – Trade is responsible for perfecting mix the ideal of products for the different customers of the retail.

– The result of the business Folloies constantly. For this, it analyzes the yield, edge of profit, volume of sales. – The presence of its products Analyzes in point of sales for the proper readings and market, looking for to destine the attention and resources necessary to its customers in order to extend its market share. – The ideal relation of price of its products Makes. The activities of trade marketing are directly on to the Merchandising, the Propaganda and the promotion, but they need to be connected to other sectors for its success. The professional of trade many times also is responsible for the accompaniment of logistic, material promocional and promotions of product, beyond the price, attendance and correct supplying of the sales point. That is, trade is spontaneously on the activities of marketing and administration, and, therefore the knowledge and interaction of these sectors are essential. If the marketing strategy well is defined, the results of trade marketing has great possibilities to reach its objectives.